Michelle Delville

StyleshopUSA debut their client Michele Delville "Wearable Art" Jewelery for the Red Carpet.

Michelle Delville was raised in France and moved to the United States in 1979 and is now resides in Manhattan. She studied classical jewelry in New York and uses Ancient Techniques of lapidary and metalwork, cutting beads and alloying her gold, silver and electrum. In 2001 she received an award from the Women's Jewelry Association. Delville’s  personal challenge is to emphasize the intrinsic beauty of the rough stones, tampering with them as little as possible and turning them into "wearable art" – her trademark.  Her amazing designs combine an ancient sensibility with a modern edginess, to create a modern classical look. She dislikes the "perfect" look that modern techniques give, finding perfection "cold".  Preferring the beauty of hand-made jewelry, the designs she creates reflects a strong, timeless and primitive feeling.  With heavy influence from the powerful civilizations of the past : Egyptians, Romans, Greek  the jewels of these civilizations, while being highly refined,  emphasize the strong pure form that she evokes in her work.  For Delville it is moving to imagine the history  of the ancient beads and artifacts she uses and the people that made them, wore them, and the tools used to make them . Her  beautiful timeless works have been shown at  J. Cotter Gallery in Vail and Beaver Creek Colorado, Roslyn in Manhattan, and The Museum of Natural History in New York as well as the The Museum of Natural Sciences in Houston.  Now we are showcasing to our Celebrity Clients and her Limited Edition is available online.